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Interesting mp3s

A radio station presenter from FM 103.2 Sydney dropped by my other blog and left a comment and a rather useful link to a collection of interviews with some interesting people including Mike Frost, Clive Hamilton (co-author of Affluenza), Alistair McGrath, Phillip Yancey to name a few. You can check out the collection here.


Forge Events coming up…

Tuesday June 5th – for interns, partners and friends of Forge…


Thursday 28th of June – Mountain District Forge Event – Rethinking mission in the local church.


Friday 13th – Saturday 14th of July – Alongsiders. This event is facilitated by Mick and Ruby Duncan. Mick and Ruby have served as missionaries in the slums of Manila as well as in various church contexts. From the flier:

“Alongsiders is about exploring positive ways to build a practical and loving relationship and invest in their lives over a set period. It’s about becoming more than a friend but less than a social worker.”



Rethinking Mission in the Local Church