Overview of Emergent/Missional in Australia

John Smulo has interviewed Paul Teusner who is doing is PHD on emerging bloggers in Australia. Forge gets a good mention in the article.

“The FORGE Network is a growing organization which works to equip leaders to seek new ways of being the church in postmodern Australia. Many bloggers in my research have some connection to or involvement in FORGE and its staff publish many books on the emerging church. So it’s kinda like what Emergent is to the emerging church in the USA. Though many would say that FORGE is the flagship of the Australian emerging church, no one would say (including FORGE) that it speaks for the movement at large.”

The article is pretty informative on the emerging/emergent scene. One point that I think the leadership at Forge would make would be a distinction between ‘Missional’ and ‘Emergent’. Forge leadership would prefer to use the ‘Missional’ language than ‘Emergent’. Hammo over at backyard missionary gives a good overview of the distinction for Forge.


4 Responses to “Overview of Emergent/Missional in Australia”

  1. 3 Matt Stone November 10, 2007 at 11:45 am

    I think the distinction is a false one in terms of Paul’s study. He interviewed me (http://mattstone.blogs.com) and a number of other blogging buddies about a year ago and ALL of them were more missional than emergent. That is the nature of the Australian scene.

    At the time of these interviews the language of emergent and missional were not nearly as pronounced as they are today. Many in Australia were defining emergent (village) as a subset of emerging (church) and identifying with the latter over the former. The shift in jargon has helped to make the distinctions between ourselves and emergent village clearer, and I welcome that. But note the article was headed in terms of emerging not emergent. Paul was never limiting his comments to emergent cohorts alone, he understood the “emerging” movement to encompass both “missional” and “emergent” streams when he originally wrote this.

  2. 4 scott November 11, 2007 at 8:16 am

    Thanks for making that clearer Matt, the interview was older than I thought.

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