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Grassroots roundup update…

Duncan, “The pacific highlander” commented let me know of some of his posts on the Forge Grassroots festival. Thanks Duncan for the links! They are:

Stopping the traffic in Melbourne

Sacred Space in the City

Tall Skinny Kiwi on Grassroots

Sally Morgenhaler Emerging Down Under

Michael Frost at Forge


Forge Postcard :: Duncan Brown

A Postcard Evening with Duncan Brown, “Process of change”.

Come along @ 6pm and join other missional thinkers from around the mountain for hot soup and rolls, good conversation, and hear from Duncan Brown as he discusses the process involved in changing a large Brisbane based church from static growth to becoming missionally focused for all its participants.

Duncan is the Managing Director of Capacity Builders, a team of dynamic professionals serving non-profit organizations.

Previously Duncan was the CEO of Scripture Union Queensland. He has also been an associate editor for News Limited and a journalist for News Limited and a journalist with Rural Press in QLD. He holds degrees in Journalism, PR and Ministry.

Grassroots Roundup

Here are a few blog reflections on the recently held “Forge grassroots”,

Hamo- “A few reflections”

Bec-“Base level and back in sight”

Tall Skinny Kiwi “Grassroots reflections”

Lastly a few photographs

Life expedition

Grassroots, Whats happening

Christina and myself haven’t been able to get along to the grassroots festival, due to No 2. But, I’ve been following its progress by a few bloggers….

Duncan Mcleod on the pacific highlander

Bec from all said and done (I’d have liked to have gone to the micro church elective)

Tall Skinny Kiwi (One of the presenters at the conference)

Barmy Army REMIX


Kim Hammond and 100revs

Kim Hammond who leads up Forge victoria was inverviewed on John Clearys program Sunday nights on the ABC about 100 Revs. The 100 Revs have a web site with the following apology to the Gay and Lesbian communtiy:

A. The Church – the body of Christ …

  • For forgiveness for the sins of the church against the Gay and Lesbian community.
  • For the church to be the eyes, ears, hands, feet and heart of Jesus.. to demonstrate His grace. “Where sin abounds grace super abounds” Romans 5:20

B. The Gay and Lesbian community …

  • That though our actions they will experience the grace and love of God.
  • Pray in particular for Gay and Lesbian Christians.

C. Ourselves
as we stand in this difficult place … offering confession and grace on behalf of the wider church

  • For unity amongst us.
  • That we will minister in the fruit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • To be protected by the Spririt of God, in the realm of spiritual warfare
  • That a clear message of grace will be heard in our words and action.
You can listen to the interview here