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Five fold ministry

Alan Hirsch has written an article “Three overlooked ministry roles” at leadship journal.

“We needed a new type of leadership, one with the courage to question the status quo, to dream of new possibilities, and to innovate new ways of being the people of God in a post-Christian culture. We needed missionaries to the West, but our seminaries were not producing them. If we take the five categories of church leadership from Ephesians 4:11, they were training leaders to be teachers and pastors for established congregations, but where were the evangelists, the prophets, and the apostles to lead the mission of the gospel into the world?”

You can read the rest of the article here


Goodbye Neal

Neal Taylor who was the op’s manager at Forge Victoria sent Christina and myself an email saying he was leaving Forge. Neal was the go to guy for us. Who helped us out with graphics and was always supportive of anything that we put on. Anyway we will miss you Neal, and thanks for your help…


A new Forge Bog from Western Australia:

At the start of 2008 Forgewa began its ‘reimagine’ stream, working with 6 established churches who are on the journey of exploring what it means for them to live as a missionary community.

This blog is way for them to share learning, explore ideas and encourage one another along the way.”

It will be interesting to track the blog is read what changes in their communities…..

An Alternative worship Nosh

For more information check out the PDF :

A few of us are thinking of heading off to this event over at Queenscliff. If anyone around the mountain thinks they might be interested let us know…