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A new Forge Bog from Western Australia:

At the start of 2008 Forgewa began its ‘reimagine’ stream, working with 6 established churches who are on the journey of exploring what it means for them to live as a missionary community.

This blog is way for them to share learning, explore ideas and encourage one another along the way.”

It will be interesting to track the blog is read what changes in their communities…..


Grassroots Roundup

Here are a few blog reflections on the recently held “Forge grassroots”,

Hamo- “A few reflections”

Bec-“Base level and back in sight”

Tall Skinny Kiwi “Grassroots reflections”

Lastly a few photographs

Life expedition

A new link category

We have just added a new link category ‘local Forge bloggers’. On the roll is –


Not a Figment


Rythm and hue



If you know of anymore let us know!