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Interesting mp3s

A radio station presenter from FM 103.2 Sydney dropped by my other blog and left a comment and a rather useful link to a collection of interviews with some interesting people including Mike Frost, Clive Hamilton (co-author of Affluenza), Alistair McGrath, Phillip Yancey to name a few. You can check out the collection here.




While we are on the subject of mp3s, this interview by Rodney Nelson with Mike Frost re his new book ‘Exiles‘ is worth a listen. I tried to buy this book at DS II but by the time I got around to it the book was sold out.

Dangerous mp3s

If you are interested in hearing some of the sessions from Dangerous Stories II you can download some for free here, or purchase the main sessions and several workshop/electives here.

Interview with Alan

Rodney Olson from Sonshine FM recently interviewed Alan Hirsch – you can download the interview here

Learning with Alan

If you are reading and enjoying Alan’s book “The Forgotten Ways”, you may be interested in participating in an online training course based on the book.  You can get more information on this here, and a video intro here.   While we are looking at all things “Alan”,  here’s a transcript of an email interview with Alan Hirsch from Becoming Missional.

Forge Transition Stream

Last year Scott and I had opportunity to participate in a pilot for Forge’s new Transition Stream. The Transition Stream looks at the journey for established churches to transition in their thinking and practice to be shaped by mission. It was very helpful, especially hearing the story of Northern Community Church of Christ. If you are interested in transitioning your church, you can check out the prospectus here, or email Phil over at Signposts.

Useful links

One of the purposes of this blog is to provide access to useful articles, blogs, links etc from others who are also on this missional journey. Forge is represented accross Australia, and Western Australia’s website includes a blog, and some articles and audio worth checking out. Now I must be honest – I have not read the articles, so if you do read one or two and wish to comment on them feel free to do that here, or email me on and we can post some of your thoughts.